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At 1620 we value our planet and what we do with it.

We carefully source only the best produce, away from mainstream industry, supporting sustainable practices. Our main focus is on local and seasonal food produce.

Providing good times, good wine and good food is what we stand for. We aim to create a community of ‘Bon-vivants’ who share our values of hospitality, simplicity and goodness to our health and environment.

We constantly travel through every region of Italy, France, Switzerland and the Mediterranean to find new small wine producers and farmers. We go for unique appellations from the best terroirs and intent to highlight organic & biodynamic agriculture.

Visiting small winemakers and farmers is our passion, in order to buy directly from them and provide great deals for our guests. 

We truly understand the philosophy behind each wine and food that we serve.

We aim to share the wines, stories and values of our winemakers and farmers!

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