After years of eating the modern industrial flour from shops and bakeries, we realised that something had to be done.


We embarked on a journey of agricultural learning and bread baking that has changed our lives.

We buy the flour from a  Cereal Farm & Mill (Ferm Arcanciel in Orb) that only uses ancient grains from Jura, Switzerland. These grains have been growing in this region for several centuries, grown only in permaculture practises and free of any genetically modified modern grains and chemical intervention. The flour is milled with natural stones, using a "moulin astrie', to preserve all the goodness of the grain. This allows us to produce a bread that is easy to digest and full of good properties, a bread that is alive!


We produce two different types of sourdough bread, using our own mother yeasts and some of the cleanest water in the world.


Sauerteig - Dinkel Brot mit 90% Dinkelmehl und 10% Buckwheat. Natur gewachsene Hefe. 18std kalte Gärzeit.


Sauerteig - 100% Einkornmehl. Natur gewachsene Hefe.

18std kalte Gärzeit.